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University of Georgia Freshman Takes On the Life of an Entrepreneur

Matt McGivney (19), a freshman at UGA is looking to gain valuable real world business experience via a summer internship with Student Painters

University of Georgia student Matt McGivney, 19, has decided to take on something most college freshmen wouldn’t even think of… running their own business.

McGivney, a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major is gaining valuable business and leadership experience through Young Entrepreneurs Across America, the program which helps develop prospective college students interning with Student Painters. Student Painters is a national company which provides exterior house painting services to the students’ hometown communities.

The company and its developmental program offer the opportunity for students to learn skills such as business communication, management, and marketing. With one month before production season begins, McGivney has already grown as an entrepreneur. Aside from writing his first business plan, he has had to hire and manage employees, attend two weekend long training seminars, and conduct all marketing and advertising for his branch.

As a science major, taking the entrepreneurial risk of starting a business might seem like an odd choice for a summer internship; however, McGivney wants to diversify his skill sets while exploring what is takes to be an entrepreneur. He remarked that learning how to run your own business could be advantageous for anyone.

“I am interested in going to medical school and maybe opening up my own practice someday, but they don’t teach you how to run your own practice in medical school.”

McGivney is serving as the branch manager in Alpharetta, and he is eager to provide quality work for a good value to his friends and neighbors. “It takes a lot for someone to trust another to work on their house. A person’s home symbolizes family and years of effort. I take this opportunity very seriously because I recognize that a home is a special thing, and I want my neighbors to continue to love their home the way they did when they first bought it.”

Providing top quality jobs is not the only importance to McGivney either. Starting a new business requires employees which creates job opportunities for local high school and college students. Having only graduated from Alpharetta High School in May of 2016, McGivney respects and understands the challenges of working as a student, and he is very happy to be able to help other students out.

“My goal when managing employees is to make them feel valued, because they are very valuable to me. I want my employees to know that we are in this together and that I want us to both be successful.”

With production season around the corner and his schedule filling up fast, the UGA freshmen put it simply, “I’m excited for the opportunity to give back to Alpharetta because it’s my neighbors’ home, my friends’ home, and my home.”

If you are interested in having any house painting, pressure washing, or deck staining, you can contact McGivney at (678) 727-6226 or mcgivney.studentpainters@gmail.com

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